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Submiting Photos, Videos, Articles, Notices, Etc.

The Art Section Blog is intended to be a place of collaboration:

Photos:  To submit photos please send them in a JPEG or PDF format. Please send any captions or descriptions you wish included. You can send us a link to a web site where they are located
and we can copy them as you request, or you can email them to the address below.

Written Material: To send an essay, article or any written material we can receive it in a variety of formats: a Word Document, a PDF, or simply copying it into the body of the email. Any photos that go with the written material should include captions as needed. We can create the caption if you send us the wording.

Event Notices: Please send the information and any photos, links to web sites, fliers, posters, etc.

Videos: Please send us the embed code or a link to the video where we can copy the

Send to: Christopher Guilfoil, Email:

Anything you send becomes public and can be copied off the blog site unless it is a link to
a web site where you have made it private.

The Art Section Council, who sponsors this blog, reserves the right to reject any submissions. Any comments sent in will also be subject to approval.

While we hope this is rare, it is the nature of such an endeavor.

We look forward to seeing this blog evolve and serve you better.
~The Art Section Council