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Monday, May 16, 2016

Landscape Painting Retreat
August 26 -29
Experience Nature through Art with Jennifer Thomson

The landscape Retreat is about change; experiencing another way of working.  It isn’t a ‘how to” retreat.  It is a time to explore new color exercises, ideas and playfulness.  Sometimes one has to walk through ugliness to see anew.  Sometimes we have to stretch further in art to find a new approach to our way of working.

 Mornings for example, explore a fall exercise:  Tint paper orange in areas creating a color mood.  Bring colors: reds, yellows, and blues to wakefulness in veil painting technique.  Balance colors compositionally.  Find an inward glow of light.  Use greys and black to enhance the glow.  White in gesture for trees …what next?

Afternoons, inspired by John Marin’s (1870-1953) & Emil Nolde’s(1867-1956) art, exercises of their techniques & composition will be practiced and applied to our own artwork.

Work space:  Sun Studio & outdoors into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to experience Nature through direct observation.

Daily class:  9 am to 4:30 pm
Tuition:  $275 includes 4 organic veggie lunches, snacks & supplies
Deposit:  $75 nonrefundable, to reserve a space
Camping:  5 minutes driving from Sun Studio

Info:  Jennifer Thomson, PO Box 894, Crestone, Colorado 81131

Come join us in Colorado 2016!

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