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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Shamanic Influence in Art by Van James

Throughout history and across the planet, spiritual practices are revealed through the medium of art. Outside the structured doctrines of traditional religious practices stand the artistic-ritualistic expressions of indigenous spirituality or shamanism. From rhythmic drumming and decorative costuming to creative movement and symbolic imagery, the language of art bridges the inner and outer experiences of primal spirituality and mediates the existence between a divine-elemental and a material world. Even today the images of shamanic practices appear in the most unlikely places...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Brief Historical Survey of Anthroposophical Architecture in the USA by David Adams

I will attempt to survey the increasing variety of anthroposophically designed architecture in the United States by focusing primarily on the work of eight designers whose work has resulted in most of these buildings in North America. The design of Fritz Westhoff (1902 Paraguay-1980 New Jersey, USA) marks the beginning of this architecture in America. Beginning about 1928, Westhoff's wooden furniture was full of irregular organic forms, angular planes, and beveled edges. Both his furniture and his three buildings in Spring Valley, New York, reflect Steiner's organic functionalist approach.